BBA National Burn Awareness Day Oct 2016

Prevention News

Support for the National Burn Awareness Day on 19th Oct 2016 had a wide base and the range of activities were impressive. The Children’s Burns Trust (CBT) worked with the British Burn Association (BBA) to grow the momentum and reach an even wider audience exploring ways to work collaboratively with support from, amongst others: Child Accident Prevention Trust, Electrical Safety First, the Government’s Fire Kills campaign and the Chief Fire Officers Association. Many other agencies and charities were also involved in using iBID data to spread the message about the importance of burn injury prevention.


Introduction and Welcome

int. Burn Injury Database (iBID)

This site will hopefully be of interest to you if you are looking for information about burn injury.

In the different sections there is information about the common causations, susceptible age and social groups and healthcare consequences of this type of injury. Elsewhere on the site there is information about how burn care services are assessed and some information about the work being done to stimulate the process of continual self-assessment and quality of care improvement.

There are articles on the matter of injury registry creation and running. Accumulated experience since 1992 may be of interest to those involved in this area of work, or to those misguided/optimistic enough to want to start!

It may be of interest to some that with the current level of development of both the iBID and iBCS software along with the centralised analysis and reporting systems, it is now possible to offer them both to an unlimited number of burn services. Expressions of interest should be made through the 'Contact Us' menu.

Some areas of the websites are open to the public, however many of the specific reports and functions, including downloadable software, are only available to registered users of the site. Because of changes to the function of this website, registration will only be available to those that have a demonstrable role in burn care provision or its organisation, as of November 2013 it will no longer be available to other users. Previously registered users may find they have been de-registered. It is thus imperative that if registration is being sought, all relevant details should be provided at the time of registration. This information will be independently verified.

Should you have comments, suggestions or criticisms to offer please use the 'Contact Us' menu item to let us hear from you.