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iBID Software v1.2 Released

25th June 2014:

Version 1.2 of the AquilaCRS/iBID software solution is now released.

This is an essential upgrade and should be installed as soon as possible.

Your IT Department will need to upgrade the Server.

Desktop users will receive the update automatically, or they may need to install the upgrade themselves or with assistance from us or IT.

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For any problems with the software upgrade, please go to www.EvoHelpdesk.co.uk.


iBID Software Patch: NOK Relationship (August 2013)

6th August 2013

A bug has been reported in the IBID Query function, affecting the NOK Relationship field. The effect is that there is no data output in that column even though data exists in the database.

There is a patch available, which will need applying to your database & will require IT support. More information & fix.


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iBID Software Patch: TotalLOS in IBID Query (July 2013)

18th July 2013:

A bug has been reported in the IBID Query function, affecting the TotalLOS field. �The effect of this bug is that no TotalLOS values are returned in the IBID Query. This will be fixed in the next major software release (v1.2).

There is a patch available here or contact us via www.EvoHelpdesk.co.uk.


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IBID Training Days: Monday 15th and Tuesday the 16th July 2013.

Due to unforeseen I.T. technical problems at Wythenshawe Hospital (not related to IBID) there may be a possibility that the training days will have to be cancelled.

If you or a colleague are booked on to a training day on the above dates please contact me, Cathy Reade for updates on 0161-291-6323 on Friday the 12th July before 1pm - please do not email.

Please pass this message on to all colleagues (Physio's, OT's Nurses or Clinicians).

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Cathy Reade

0161 291 6323

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