New on-line iBID Dashboard launched

As demonstrated during the BCIG Forum presentations to burn services earlier this year, the MS Power Business Intelligence (P-BI) presentation of the iBID data has been launched. Considerable care in ensuring that the data is fully anonymised and secure in accordance with NHS guidance, including small number suppression. This reporting enhancement builds on the iBID Information Service, which has been available online to over 200 burn service personnel since 2017.  Specific data extracts and reports based on individual requests will continue to be available. With over 300 completed requests to date, many of which have led on to presentations and publications, this remains an important and valuable resource for the burn care community.

Services are still able to download their own raw data from within their version of the iBID (Aquila) software, but this development shows all of the analysed metrics that make up the Quality Dashboard (QD), which in this release includes the complete 2023/24 data.  Although there are still a few issues to work through regarding some of the QD metrics, the direction of travel is now plain to see, and suitable for inspection and comment. You will note that the telereferral data is also presented for those services using the system, with the data extraction being matched with the iBID data. New insights from the combined datasets are planned.

The intention is to develop further pages as indicated on the site as ‘Coming Soon’.  These are being worked on, but feedback on the existing presentation is invited, including suggestions of which further forms of analysis would be of benefit. We plan to make the data as near real-time as possible, rather than relying on periodic extracts, but this will take several further steps before being realised.

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