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Prevention – NBAD

The National Burns awareness days were developed initially by the British Burn Association prevention committee. The first annual event was held in October 2013 and has been held annually since.

Prevention – Fire and Health

This initiative between NHS England and the Chief Fire officers  association as open significant opportunities in burn injury prevention and is being supported and fuelled by information from the ibid which is also contributing to the development of a national Burns prevention is due for publication later in 2017.

Identification of vulnerable burn injury population subsets

Fundamental to the success of the Burns prevention strategy is the identification of the parts of the population of vulnerable to burn injury so as to allow intervention by fire service personnel undertaking safe home safety visits.

Link with other datasets to enhance injury prevention targeting (*)

It is hoped that permission will be eventually provided to allow the linkage of health and non-health datasets so as to improve the accuracy of the vulnerable population identification.

Monitor the effectiveness of prevention campaigns

The iBID along with two other trauma based national registries are intended to become the monitoring mechanisms to measure any of the observable reduction in trauma based admissions to the NHS as part of
the Fire / Health initiative.

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