Site Specific Reports

The latest analysis of site specific reports have now been produced and sent out. Each quarter a series of reports are produced and sent directly to Burn Services.

Some historic reports are available under your site specific log-in details. These log-in details are available from your Burn Care Network Manager. The use of a site specific password, or specific access rights using a registered name and password is necessary to gain access.

All reports are derived using the most recently updated iBID software, which has successfully been deployed in all English and Welsh Burn Services. The reports are based on some of the the original templates in use over recent years but have been reduced in number in line with user feedback.

The plan is to put in place a far more comprehensive set of web based reporting tools, configurable by the user. The iBID Information Service is due for release in early 2017.

Some general reports are accessible to non-registered / public users. The design of burn service reports for public use is under way and drafts have been circulated to stakeholders for comment. It is anticipated that stakeholders will inform the Burn Care Informatics Group how best to publish these.
Please take a look and suggest any changes that might be helpful. . . .

Any identified problems will be dealt with – some will be local and may need resolution by the Burn Service with support from the Burn Care Network Manager, whilst others may represent technical problems requiring support from the iBID team centrally.

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